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Google is one of the most popular, smart, active and well known search engines who gather the traffic in bulk everyday. Google consider the most reliable, quick process and best quality content search engine which do all the efforts to satisfy the user’s mind and requirements. It does not want the user has any bother about any thing, it browse the accurate, efficient and exact data. Google does not want its user to face any discomfort or irritation during access or fetch the information that is why it is a number 1 search engine in all. All the Companies want their websites on top and bulk of traffic on it for this expectation there is tough competition in digital market. The leading sites want to go further and beat another one by making all the efforts for that. Many SEO Companies help in optimizing the website and include all the term to fulfill the Google factors demand. There are some skilled and experienced experts who optimize the websites to check whether website follow the Google ranking factors or not.

How to get first rank on Google?

Google provide 200 ranking factors to follow and Companies follow these factors Google satisfy all the required features are well describe and follow they see their website on Google’s first page. In 200 ranking factors there are some proper criteria and management of website. The websites should be proper, responsive, adjustable, mobile accelerated, proper codes of languages, all the section should be separated and well developed. The description of file destination should be necessary and in a proper way.The Google factors are different for on page and off page. Both the stories should be strong, responsive and impressive.

On-Page Factors

There is most of the criteria should be follow for On page SEO like title tag, head tag, anchor tags should be on home page image optimization should be proper and the keywords should be use which has high volume. Internal links should be proper to connect web pages each other. There should not be occurred any error of broken link. Website browsing speed should be fast and fetch the quick search information. Site map should be visible for search engines. The https shows that the website is safe and secure for sharing personal information and making online payments. URL optimization should not be improper, if URL will be not proper visitors face difficulty in connecting to the server so they will irritated and it throw the adverse impact on Google.

Off-Page Factors

There are some factors of Google which are off page websites should be effort to follow the all the off page factors together. Websites must receive the back links from the high domain authority websites. Back links can be get by do follow and no follow. These domain authorities should be same category and all the anchor tags should be matched and links must be sent through related to same category. You can get the back links from guest post, articles, comment forum etc.

If any website follows these Google factors so their website will get high position on Google which is the best search engine and get the high website status also.

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