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Video advertising is a term in which Company runs their advertisements online on various medium like Facebook, YouTube and Google etc. Sometimes it refers to those occurs before, after and during the video streams on Internet. There are various Companies who use this process to enhance and promote the value of their business. We run the video ads on different online medium like you tube, face book, Google and Instagram etc. It is up to you on which mode you want to run the ads before (pre roll video), after (post roll video) and during (middle roll video) the displaying videos. There are several kinds of videos we run like linear video ads, interactive video ads, overlay video ads and companion video ads etc.

Linear video ads- Linear ads are quite short duration and run for only 2 to 5 seconds. They are refers as linear because they run sequentially with the videos. Interactive video ads- These ads run during the video are running they interrupt the video content and take over screen completely. They provide many actions like you can click for further details, sign up for receiving updates. Overlay video ads- These ads run simultaneously with the video content in the form of banners and if anybody clicks on them then they cover the screen and start from beginning. These ads are suitable for travel Companies and they show the ads on the bottom of the screen. Companion video ads- These ads display with the alongside of video and usually of product and brand. They appear on the side of video display. We run companion ads for footwear and cloth showrooms etc.

We provide the service for pre roll where ads can display before the show starts, middle roll ads which runs during the video runs and the post roll which runs after the show has ended. You can choose any mode which suited to your requirements. We run the video ads which grab the user’s interest and make them curious.

Our Work

We run the video advertisement campaign from many years and we have clients who want to promote the offers and products of their Company on digital media. We make video ads which are short and effective. We approach the platform where visitor’s traffic is more and it become easy to target to gather the high traffic. Our Company facilitates the video ads service at very reasonable cost. We serve this service where the visitor’s appearance is most like face book you tube and insta gram etc. We run ads according to your demand and which city or location you want to provide your service. We run ads for travel Companies, car rental services, hotel booking service and for many product brands. This is the best platform to search for the genuine customers to our clients and stay connected with them anytime and anywhere. These video ads give the new way to business and stability for future. This make the visitors aware, consume the time of searching for best and reliable services or offers.

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