Why Keyword Research is Most Important in Seo ?

Keyword Research is Pre Seo Planning For Targeting the Right Keyword For Your Website Products and services.

Seo Keyword Research is First Step of Seo When we got new Seo project or Plan to do seo for any website.

Keyword Research in Seo

If You Are new or Startup in Seo You should Must Know Why Keyword Research Important in Seo.

Now I am Going to Tell You Please be Relax Because It is very Important to describe you Briefly.

When You are going To Start Seo on any Client Site or Your Own website your First Responsibility is Finding the High Volume but Low Competition Keywords Related to Website Product and services.

Because High Volume Keywords will Generate More traffic and with Low Competition will Help You To Get faster Ranking on Search engines.

You Can Find these Keywords through Google ad words Keywords Planner and Ahref Competitor Keywords Checker tool below is the example of both tool.

For Example this our Seo Project site https://comradetotalwebsolution.net/ and this company Providing web Designing Services in India.

Now you will Find The web designing Related keywords on Keywords Planner check Below

Click on the Find New Keywords Tab

Now enter upto 3 Keywords of Web designing

List of Keywords will be show and you here you can find keywords with number of average searches per month and you can also see competition

in this Keyword Planner list you can see two keywords with high volume but low and Medium competition.

2nd Tool is Ahref now Copy these keywords and Paste in google search and see the top ranking website on these keywords

Open your ahref account if you don`t have paid membership you can take 7 day free trial and login you account and copy the url of 1st ranking website from google then enter in ahref search tool then you will see this look

after click on the organic search go scroll down and see this result

ahref will show top Traffic generating keywords of this website but you will see differences in google keyword planner result and ahref search volume both will be different because Google keyword planner shows min to max average number of searches per month and ahref will show exact no of searches ( ahref display estimated Result ) with exact no of click on this site from this keyword.

Things To Remember During Keyword Research

  • Take Your full Time for Keywords Research Because its a Backbone of Seo.
  • Try to Select 1K to 10K Search Volume Keywords in Starting of seo .
  • Always Select Keywords Exactly Related Your Product and Services.
  • Try to Select Long tail and 3-5 phrases Keywords.
  • Select one main Keywords with 2 Support Keywords ( support keywords should be same as main keyword) for one web page.

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